Born in Paris, Cat Grall moved to the south of France to be closer to the special light found there. This is the light that attracted Van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet, Matisse and many other artists.

After starting out on a path of personal growth, Cat met Alejandro Jodorowski, a major contemporary spiritual leader who helped her to realize that she needed to discover her own creativity. Circumstances then permitted her to fully devote herself to this pursuit.

Grall first enjoyed discovering drawing and figurative painting by herself. It is later that she decided to acquire formal training in these techniques at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Cannes, Vallauris and Nice (School of Fine arts).

Initially symbolic in form, her painting then turned abstract. In all of her works she displays an unusually strong sense of color.

Cat is also a sculptor; she started working with ceramics which she then used for modeling and sculpting. Her first works represent sensuous and full-bodied nudes, then moved on to compositions with more streamlined and expressive lines, including unique ceramic figures.

In 2008, Cat decided to travel. She first went to India, then settled in Mexico for a while. In 2016 she came to the US where she lives now in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Cat Grall’s works were shown in France for many years, then at Galeria Izamal, one of the most renowned galleries located in the very heart of the historic center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a beautiful colonial town nested in the mountains of the State of Guanajuato where life flows peacefully in a harmonious mix, sparkling with art and creativity.

They are also still shown in Texas and on the French Riviera in France. Other showings include Cannes Movie Festival and Guangzhou International Art Fair (China).



A Toltec wisdom book:

"... The word Toltec  means "Artist of the spirit". In the Toltec tradition, every human is an artist, and the supreme art is the expression of the beauty of our spirit. If we understand this point of view, we can see how wonderful it is to call ourselves artists instead of humans. When we think of ourselves as human, we limit the way we express ourselves in life. We hear, "I'm just a human; I'm not perfect." But if we call ourselves artists, where is that limitation? As artists, we no longer have any limitation; we are creators, just like the one who created us.

The Toltec believe that the force of life working through us is what really creates the art, and that everyone is an instrument of this force. Every manifestation of the supreme artist becomes an artist itself that manifests art through its own manifestations. The art is alive, and it has self-awareness because it comes from life. The creation is ongoing, it is endless, it is happening in every moment, everywhere.

How do we live our life? This is our art, the art of living."

Don Miguel Ruiz  “The Voice of Knowledge"


Isn't that wonderful ?

All art opens the way to an inner dialogue with the self.

There are as many interpretations of a work of art as there are observers. Created by an artist, whose perception of the world is a questioning of the self, it is then turned over to the awareness of the observer, who engages in a process of self-discovery through it. Giving a title to a work of art is already a way of influencing perception.

Works of art are gateways to other people; they no longer belong to the artist once they are perceived by outside observers and their dissemination gives them a new value.

Art brings us back to the self; like a reflection in a mirror it induces sensations, feelings or reactions rather than thoughts. My perception and my personal involvement in my work operate on a more or less conscious level but can never be fully defined. Color, form and texture are nothing but a means of expression of the self.

My inspiration follows no obvious guiding line. It is governed by instinct, given free rein and not restricted to any one mode of expression. Painting and sculpting allow me to explore, unleashed, moving from one form to another without settling for a single style.

It is a path that was magically offered to me, that I chose to follow, and that gives me the feeling that I can contribute to the World and to Life.